EBS Startup

  • Email Sending Range
    Effortlessly send 1,000 to 5,000 emails per month.

  • Ideal Kickstart
    Perfect for launching your marketing efforts and creating initial brand awareness.

  • Targeted Reach
    Connect with your audience and achieve those crucial first milestones.

  • Email Contact

    1,000 to 5,000

EBS Growing


  • Email Contact

    5,000 to 50,000

Email Sending Range
Expand your influence by sending 5,000 to 20,000 emails per month.

Sustainable Growth
Ideal for businesses on the rise, fostering sustained growth and increased brand visibility.

Larger Audience Reach
Connect with a broader audience and establish a more significant market presence.



  • Email Contact


Unlimited Email Sending
Reach an unlimited audience without any boundaries.

Established Business Powerhouse
Tailored for established businesses aiming to dominate their market.

Optimized Efficiency
Amplify your marketing impact, optimize efficiency, and propel your brand to the pinnacle of success.

Included With Every Plan

  • Unlimited Campaign Scheduling
  • Automated Campaign Sequences
  • Real-Time Tracking for Every Email
  • Effortless Contact Management
  • Instant Campaign Deployment
  • Bulk Email Creation
  • Global Time-Zone Optimization
  • Free Professional Email Theme